The most successful SaaS, Tech, and Telecom companies all do this one thing...

To gain new customers, grow their brand internationally, and add new streams of revenue to their business.

Without hiring expensive consultants, changing what you sell, or changing the way you run your business.

What is software localization?

Software localization is the process of carefully adapting all the aspects of your software by translating your user interface, help files, documentation, and other components into the native language of your foreign customers.

Software localization ensures that customers in foreign markets have a positive experience using your product.

What is Technical translation?

Technical translation ensures the meaning of industry-specific concepts is conveyed accurately using terminology that your industry operates with, as well as making sure these concepts are easy for the target audience to understand.

Professionally done technical translation can be the differentiator in a competitive bidding process and increase selling power.

Translated documentation enables you to be perceived as “local” and therefore be competitive in foreign markets.

How will working with art one translations change your business?

At Art One Translations, we help companies speed up their entrance into new markets by guaranteeing a fast turnaround time and always staying on budget.

Our international team of in-country native translators works in over 75+ languages. Team Art One consists of industry-specific experts who are familiar with the particulars of your field.

To produce the highest quality of translated materials, we ensure that the translators who work on your project have a good understanding of your industry.

Working with Art One Translations gives our clients an advantage over their competitors.

Our clients have been able to become industry leaders in new foreign markets and add new streams of revenue to their business simply by taking what already works in one market and optimizing it for new foreign audiences.

who is this for?

If you want to grow your business internationally…

If you want to reach new customers around the world…

If you want to increase sales and conversions in foreign markets…

If you want to make sure your customers have the best possible user experience with your product and engaging with your media…

If you want to have an advantage over your competitors…

If you want to ensure nothing is lost in translations…

If you want more selling power…

And more…

What does our process look like?

Step #1 - Set up

  • Scoping - understanding the requirements of the project, the scope of work, and timelines.

  • Quotation - provide the quote with estimated cost and turnaround.

  • Gathering resources - once the quote is confirmed, we proceed to gather the information and reference materials, set up teams, and introduce you to your project manager who will be your one-stop contact for everything you might need.

  • Execution - we then proceed to the execution of the project and submit the draft for your review.

Step #2 - Draft optimization

  • Optimization - we optimize the project by incorporating your feedback.

  • QA checks - final QA checks.

Step #3 - Launch

  • Delivery - finalized project delivered to you. Last checks for any tweaks and final changes that might be required.

  • Updating terminology resources - after receiving your confirmation that the project is complete, we update our terminology resources to be used for future projects.

What has art One Translations DOne for clients?

Do you have a team of in-house translators?

Translation agencies often present having in-house translators as a competitive advantage. In reality, however, it means that their translators deal with projects in multiple subject matters, sometimes those in which they are incompetent, resulting in inaccurate translations of industry-specific terminology. At Art One Translations, we have a team of translators worldwide. For the translation to sound natural, accurate, and culturally appropriate, it must be performed by a subject matter expert in-country native translators. This is why we at Art One hand-pick the most suitable translators for each project from our large in-country multilingual and multicultural pool of language and subject matter experts.

Is The cost of translations services high?

The right language services provider delivers value that will save you money and time in the long term. The value you get from the peace of mind, confidence, and speed in entering new markets translates to investing in your company’s growth.

Isn't there no need for human translation now that we have machine translation powered by AI?

Machine translation is a great tool that may help save time and improve the overall efficiency of the translation project flow. It cannot, however, be relied upon entirely without the expertise of a human translator.

Our industry is too specialized, and I don’t believe it’s possible to translate my content accurately/I worry that important things might be lost in translation affecting our credibility to our customers.

To ensure accurate translation of your content that is clear and reads naturally, we assign your project to translators who are your industry experts and are as competent in the subject matter of their translation as you are.

Our sales to international clients are tied to us having an available language. That’s a minimum, just to do these deals, which can be in the tens of thousands of dollars or more. If the translations are not done quickly, the deals can be lost. How fast is your turnaround time?

With a large international team of in-country native expert translators, we offer translations in 75+ languages. We can easily and quickly accommodate your requirements for increased volumes and additional languages, enabling you to win the contracts over their competitors and launch your offering in new markets.

The price of the translation may be too high. / Do I need a large budget for translation?

We deliver value that will, in the long term, save you money and time. The value you get from the peace of mind, confidence, and speed in entering a new market will translate to investing in your company’s ongoing international growth.

How can I be sure that the quality of the translation is good if I don’t speak the language?

Our proven QA process, the most sophisticated Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, and subject matter expert in-country native translators ensure flawless translation of even the most complex and technical text.